helpdesk support & call center ouTsourced

Helpdesk Support 24/365

This is a 24/7 phone, chat and ticket services. Your customers get quick access to our Managed Services Help Desk team to any subject matter.

We support all major commercial software packages, operating systems and even proprietary applications if engaged to do so. 

The Service Desk team also can resolve connectivity and usage issues with PC’s, Mac’s, tablets, mobile devices. To Enterprise level (NOC), we can provide support to mission critical applications, IT infrastructure and even consumer wares. This allows us to assist your clients quickly and get them back to work in minutes. 


NOC Services

Network operations center (NOC), our technicians monitor the critical network elements. We provide an agile respond to our clients on any abnormal behavior of any network appliance. We also do the first tier of troubleshooting and ticket escalation to upper level technician in your organization. 


Reporting and Analytics Incidents

Monitor and respond to performance across your business. Measuring the performance of incidents by departments, or processes, or applications. Providing full visibility of what data needed to resolve these incidents.


· Rapid Engagement

· Intelligent Responses

· Multi-Modal Support

· Integration with key function areas of your business.

· Stakeholder Alignment

Email & Form Support 

Our Service Desk team is proud to provide comprehensive email support 24/365 and form response services that are ramped up or down, according to the exact needs of your company.

Our clients have full access to our ticketing and queue system allows for rapid response times, without the burden of a top-heavy staff that creates a drain on your budget.

This level of real-time adaptation allows us to allocate our agents only when you need them most.

We understand how important and critical the email service is. That’s why our support service brings to you a high-quality support to resolve in time-manner any issue without excessive cost, regardless of the volume of queries that come in.

Inbound Call Center Services

We are offering cost-effective inbound call center service. Our technicians will adapt to your processes, products and services that you’re already using, or help you to implement a new campaign from scratch, based on cost and preference. We’re happy to assist you in any necessity that require a cutting-edge inbound call center solutions technology stack.

Of course, our agents are assigned according to demand, so you’ll never pay for phone support that’s not being directly utilized. The piece rate model (pay per call) for outsourcing call centers support is particularly effective, since clients are “always available” to their customers without having to pay for down time between calls.

Surveys and Campaigns

The inbound call center support provides also additional help for high-volume campaigns promotion, sales, or holidays. In fact, many of our client relationships begin when we’re asked to help cover periods of intense demand. By using our outsourcing call centers services to supplement existing phone support resources.

Inbound call center service phone support is one of the most accessible support channels who need help quickly and want to talk to “a real person.” By fostering an excellent phone support experience for customers, our clients increase customer retention and personalize interactions with your brand, product or service that you offer.

Live Chat Support Service

This is a low-cost chat support that scales according to your demand. Because we utilize a piece-rate model, we reduce your overall operational costs compared to other BPO companies since you never pay for work that isn’t being done.

This allows for an enhanced visibility into operational costs and forecasting, making your customer service impact that much more predictable and measurable.

We’re happy to start with one or a handful of agents during off hours or periods of peak demand, however we can best help handle your support flow while also benefiting your bottom-line. Whether it’s for dedicated hours or around the clock, enjoy the benefits of a support staff fielding queries and comments at the times you need it most. Our live chat agents can supplement your existing team by only engaging when you have certain peaks, or lows in chat volume. We’re also particularly effective at working with seasonal customers who see increases and decreases in transnational volume throughout certain times of the year.

Workforce Management 

You have the flexibility to allocate the technicians as you demand. You will get the bill for only for the technicians that are attending your account.

You can easily access to our pool our technicians to booster the support for specific project(s)


  •  Helpdesk Support 24/365
  • NOC Services
  • Reporting and Analytics Incidents
  • Email & Form Support
  • Inbound Call Center Services
  • Surveys and Campaigns
  • Live Chat Support Service
  • Workforce management